Our system combines the advantages of Unilevel and Binary Multi Level systems and it is unique among others due to its linear solution.

We have established a company for the improvement of the spiritual, mental and physical health of people, the members of which regard their mission to do something for others in order to make their life and the life of others better and of higher quality. We have set up a system which unites the members and sets a shared target to them. HLBS has developed a just, profitable and unique compensation system which has received the „Most Innovative Marketing Plan” award of ANCE in Manila in 2016 and to which several thousand members joined at the time of it’s starting.

We are only contracting manufacturers who offer scientifically proven solutions and we are also looking for research developments and inventions which match or supplement our way of thinking.

If you believe in the strength of community and in the possibility of a really healthy life, please join us and lay the basis of a high quality life. Offer our system and get richer both mentally and financially.


Join us as network builder and the only thing you have to do is to request an invitation (in the form of online invite-link or by e-mail) from the person who recommended you our company and/or our products!

You only have to give some basic data in the invitation and you become immediately a registered member of our team. We call your kind attention to an important decision. During the registration process you are asked if you want to register as a customer or as a distributor. In both cases you can register as a private person, but if you register as a customer, you are entitled to a discount from the purchase price but you will not become a member of our system, thus you will not get commission after your purchases or after the purchases of the members who joined you.

If you register as a distributor you can get the commission/Bonus determined in the Compensation Plan, about which you can get more information in your invitation, or you can download it in .pdf format from the documents in your Web office after Registration.

Your account is activated immediately if you pay by credit card, but if you use bank transfer, cash payment or collect on delivery, your membership will be activated as soon as we get the booking data from the bank.