The products distributed by HLBS s.r.o. meet the highest quality requirements and their different ingredients together have beneficial impact on our body.

Our products include:
  • chocolates,
  • cosmetics,
  • food supplements.

We have eliminated the feeling of guilt from chocolate.

Our main product is chocolate and we are sure that great percentage of mankind has sensitive ties to it, which are not always positive, since by satisfying their irresistible desire for chocolate people become overweight, not to mention the appearance of other physical and spiritual symptoms. People who eat chocolate when they are sad, or when they are happy, or „just for the sake of it” – they are „chocolate addicts”, and in the majority of cases as a conditioned reflex the feeling of guilt follows the swallowing of the last bit of chocolate. We have eliminated the feeling of guilt from our chocolate products, since they are not only full of healthy ingredients and ingredients which are able to preserve health, but in certain cases they also help loose weight. This is why our chocolate products are brilliant and unique in the world.

Our cosmetics are free of chemicals.
We are also proud of our cosmetics, since all of them are free of chemicals, they are bio products, and as to their composition they are unique in the market and help their users to live a better, healthier and higher quality life.

We have spiced the food supplements with delight.




In order to have good physical, spiritual and intellectual condition the human body needs vitamins and minerals in optimum concentration. This means that their deficiency is the cause of all diseases.

The double Nobel Prize winner American chemist, Dr. Linus Pauling is the father of orthomolecular medicine.

According to the above-mentioned double Nobel Prize winner chemist Dr. Linus Pauling „all illnesses of a living system can be related to the deficiency of certain micronutrients”. The deficiency of minerals and micronutrients block the optimal function of enzymes and vitamins. The humic substances, like fulvic and humic acids are „organo-mineral complexes” which can efficiently eliminate the deficiency symptoms in the body.
Therefore, humic acids are the most important ingredients of foodstuffs and cosmetics distributed by HLBS s.r.o.

One of the best quality and natural humic substance source (leonardite) can be found in Europe, namely in Hungary.

Fulvic and humic acids include cell level detoxifying active agents, furthermore fulvic acid is able to increase the effect of certain active substances, like e.g. of Q10, flavonoids and polyphenols. Important feature of humic acids is their abstergent and detoxifying effect.

Until now the following most important physiological effects were found in humic acids by international literature:

  • Antioxidant and radical binding effect:
  • Humic acids bind extremely efficiently the free radicals in the body, which are the sources of a number of so-called civilization diseases (allergy, stress, immune system problems, development of tumours, obesity, etc.).

  • Enzyme activity increasing effect:
  • Enzymes and vitamins are energy sources. They transform the uptaken nutrients to energy and to biochemical building blocks. Humic acids increase the activity of enzymes. If we supplement vitamins and enzymes with fulvic acid, their biological efficiency will improve.

  • Antiviral activity:
  • The antiviral activity of humic acid has been known by human medicine for a long time and humic acid is perhaps the strongest antiviral substance in nature. It increases the permeability of the cell membrane, thus it contributes to the uptaking of inorganic minerals by our body.

  • Organic chelate-forming effect:
  • They transform the inorganic mineral substances and micro-elements into „organic” compounds and ingest them into the cells. They bind the physiologically important mineral substances in a way unique in nature, in easily exchangeable form, while they form insoluble bond with toxic heavy metals and empty them from the body.

  • Optimization of mineral substance uptake:
  • It ensures the optimal mineral substance intake to the body by inhibiting the intake of predominant minerals, while contributing to the intake of minerals that are present in smaller amounts.

  • Toxin binding effect:
  • Due to their physical and chemical structure the humic acids are able to interact with almost all kind of compounds. They deactivate and empty toxic materials entered into the body. According to the latest USA research results 170 foreign substance can be found in the blood of an average person.

  • Restores the acid-base balance of the body:
  • The "modern" nutritional habits lead to the acidification of the body. Acidification is the source of a number of diseases (e.g.: cellulite, rheumatism, asthma, obesity, osteoporosis, hair loss, parasites, fungi). Our organism defends itself against these processes so, that it neutralizes the acids with mineral substances and stores the salts produced. Thus this process also reduces the micro-element level useable by the body.


    Mankind has been familiar with and has used herbs, or their extractions, the essential oils for thousands of years. Today we know about 10-12 thousand different sorts. Nevertheless, in our accelerated world we often forget about the fact that the best solutions were already created by nature and we only have to recognize them and to use them in the right way and in the appropriate cases.
    Herbs form the basis of the traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and are used in the modern pharmaceutical business as ingredients.
    Herbs support in a multisystem way, that is by acting simultaneously on several areas, quickly and effectively the restoration of the body’s bio-chemical balance.

    Essential oils were formed by the totality of different structural versions (isomers) of similar chemical composition molecules (terpenes). Nearly 500 different ingredients are known, of which in general 5-20 can be found in an essential oil and their composition is characteristic of the plant from which the essential oil originates.

    Oils used in our products:

  • Lavender oil (essential oil)
  • It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic, antidepressant and slightly defervescence and bacteria-killing effects. The oil extracted from simple lavender has sweetish smell; it is ingredient of ointments, creams and perfumes.

  • Citrus oil (essential oil)
  • Broad spectrum essential oil with bacteria-killing, virus killing, antiseptic, air disinfecting, immune system strengthening, detoxifying and sedative effects, and it also regulates the functioning of sebaceous.

  • Orange oil (essential oil)
  • It has characteristic odor and skin caring effect. Main components: 92% limonene, 3-5% citral, it contains citronellal, linalool, terpineol, linalyn acetate, geranyl, neril and different aromatic aldehydes. The orange peel contains neo-hesperidin, naringin, Rutoside, sinensetin, nobiletin, tangeretin, flavonoid glycosides, furanokumarin and carotenoids. It is the ingredient of sedative and general condition improving baths and skin cares. Recommended for damaged hair and sensitive skin as well.

  • Sea-buckthorn oil (non-essential oil)
  • Nowadays the oil of this plant originating from the Himalaya is still regarded a medicine in China and it has been the medicine of the emperors there for centuries. It is said that the soldiers of Genghis Khan had eaten this oil before each battle. Pharmaceutical industry also uses it as a substance for producing preparations for curing slowly healing wounds, it is a nutritional element of astronauts. Sea-buckthorn protects and reinforces the immune system, increases the efficient defensive capabilities of our organism and delays the ageing processes. It supports the immune system well after general extenuation and especially after infectious diseases and surgeries, it improves the general health condition. Due to its high Vitamin C content sea-buckthorn is ideal for curing cold. It is rich in antioxidants and in one of the component of Omega 3 (alpha linolenic) and of Omega 6 (linoleic acid). It has fat solving effect and increases metabolism helping by this the maintenance of the optimal body weight. Due to its special fatty acid composition it reduces the blood’s cholesterol level, thus it slows down the development of arteriosclerosis processes. It strengthens the connective tissue by which the development of cellulite is reduced. Because of its epithelium generating and anti-inflammatory effect it promotes the healing of wounds and of skin diseases.

  • Linseed oil (non-essential oil)
  • The oil cold pressed from linseed is biologically very precious, since in addition to proteins and glycerides it also contains fatty acids in 35 %, the 72% of which is essential fatty acid, like (in 4,5-23%- ban) cysteine acid (the known name of Omega 6, cellular respiration and energy generation) and (in 25,8-58%) linolenic acid (Omega 3).

  • Castor oil (non-essential oil)
  • Castor oil (oleum ricini) has been cold pressed from the beanlike, toxic seed of the plant for nearly 4000 years. Its composition has laxative effect. It is a basic ingredient of cosmetics. Castor oil can also be used in the form of hair pack for the reduction of hair loss, for stimulation of hair growth and for restoration of the fragmented hair.


    Nowadays, in our accelerated world when we are the eyewitnesses rather of quantitative and not so much qualitative nutrient production, plus we are consuming foods which are made of nutrients produced in soils totally exhausted by artificial fertilizers, it is practically predestined that deficiency conditions develop in our bodies which can lead to different, sometimes very serious illnesses (the so-called civilization diseases, like allergy, stress, immune system problems, tumours, obesity, until now unknown diseases, etc.).

    Consequently, our present foods no more contain the vital elements (in the form of minerals, vitamins, etc.) which could ensure our good mental, physical and spiritual health, thus we have to add these nutrients. Besides this our other health damaging habits (e.g.: smoking, sedentary lifestyle) may accelerate the emptying of certain microelements from the body.

    Cordyceps as food supplement contains in natural proportion microelements needed for the body, in the form of humic and fulvic acid complexes. The active substance of this product is unique in the world.


    The positive impacts of garlic on the body is well-known to everybody. Some of the most important effects of garlic:

  • antioxidant compound, binds the negative, free radicals in the body
  • is killing bacteria and fungi
  • can be a good supplement in treating fungal diseases, diseases caused by intestinal parasites and tapeworms
  • under medical control and as supplement to drug treatment hypertonia can be efficiently reduced with its regular use
  • it prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the arterial walls
  • It plays a role in blood clotting, inhibits platelet adhesion and the formation of blood clots

    One of our most favourite chocolate product is containing red grape seed grit, not by chance. Besides its good taste it is extremely healthy in every product, since red grape seeds are rich in Vitamin E and in procyanidines. Besides its Vitamin C and B and beta carotene content the procyanidin itself is today the most well-known scavenger, that is antioxidant.


    Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber which effectively contributes to fighting against high blood glucose and cholesterol levels, constipation and challenges caused by glucose intolerance. It has very efficient water binding capacity which contributes to the feeling of repletion, thus it is used by choice in products which supplement diets and possibly Candida-diet.